Motherhood & A Thankful Heart


Tonight, as I sit in a warm bath and think about the day…I have such a thankful heart for the opportunity to be a mother. I am thankful that my little man is on a schedule so I am able to take this bath while he sleeps. I am thankful that I am blessed with such a sweet boy who continues to light up my world everyday. I am overall mostly grateful just for him in himself. I am reminded every day that I hold him what a blessing he is. I remember all too well when I found out at 9 weeks during my first pregnancy that my baby had passed. That there was no longer a heartbeat. There was no more planing of a nursery, buying more baby items, or looking forward to another sonogram. It was all over. But today, as I remember how I am so blessed…I am beyond thankful. And there are days when it seems like too much. The days that I wonder if I am really cut out for this calling. But it is during those times that I pray and The Lord gives me strength. It is during those early wakenings, and ten thousandth diaper change that I am reminded what a miracle my son is. Thank you Lord for giving him to me and thank you for making me a mama.


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