Monthly Archives: February 2014

How God Uses People

Tonight I met with a woman for the first time who is from my church at a local coffee shop. We had spoken over the phone once before but that was it. I arrived early and I had my 4 month old with me so I decided to go ahead and order a coffee. While I am waiting, I’m holding my son and wondering what this lady might look like. (We didn’t exactly tell each other what to look out for and there were people coming in and out of the coffee shop) And finally, she arrived and we exchanged hugs and I could just feel the Lords presence. This woman was a Godly woman and she was so

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Motherhood & A Thankful Heart


Tonight, as I sit in a warm bath and think about the day…I have such a thankful heart for the opportunity to be a mother. I am thankful that my little man is on a schedule so I am able to take this bath while he sleeps. I am thankful that I am blessed with such a sweet boy who continues to light up my world everyday. I am overall mostly grateful just for him in himself. I am reminded every day that I hold him what a blessing he is. I remember all too well when I found out at 9 weeks during my first pregnancy that my baby had passed. That there was no longer a heartbeat. There was no more planing of a nursery, buying more baby items, or looking forward to another sonogram. It was all over. But today, as I remember how I am so blessed…I am beyond thankful. And there are days when it seems like too much. The days that I wonder if I am really cut out for this calling. But it is during those times that I pray and The Lord gives me strength. It is during those early wakenings, and ten thousandth diaper change that I am reminded what a miracle my son is. Thank you Lord for giving him to me and thank you for making me a mama.